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Please enter your name, email, and purpose of your photography inquiry. Because every job is different, I would like to offer you a custom quote based on your job's need. Please include your phone number for the fastest response, and I Look forward to discussing and planning our shoot!

Terms and Conditions

All bookings require a $50 Non Refundable Deposit in order to complete booking and guarantee time/date. Remaining balance is due immediately upon completion of booked photo session. 

Cancelled shoots are allowed 1 reschedule before deposit is forfeited and will have to be placed again for new booking date. 

Clients are given a 30 minute grace period for lateness (with notice) after 30 minutes, the session will be cancelled and deposit forfeited. Client will have to reschedule with new deposit made. 

I reserve the right to use any and all images taken during photo session for portfolio and other uses including but not limited to, business promotion, digital and print publication. 

Clients may buy exclusive rights to their photos, for a one time fee of $500.

Will Travel to shoot up to an Hr from Home Location. Travel compensation will be included in booking fee past 1 Hr Travel Distance. 


(Wedding Rate not included)

2 or more Hours 150/hr

1 hour $200

1 on 1 Photography Lessons 

I am now available to be booked for 1 on 1 lessons! These are my rates below

Bronze Lesson

1 Hr instruction via webcam. Camera or editing related 


Silver Lesson

1 hr instruction in person. Camera or editing related


Gold Lesson

1 hr instruction in person, Photography session with model outdoors.


Platinum Lesson

1 hr instruction in person, photography session with model in studio 


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